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texts with Cristian Nae

These two pieces were developed with Cristian Nae.

“Past Futures” was a “textual installation” in the pages of Vector Magazine, commissioned as part of the Documenta Magazine platform. We intended to insert the text of the Shell Scenario for the future in its entirety in the publication — as a found textual object — and obtained reprint permission from Shell Oil. However, the the extent to which Documenta would claim control over copyright for the material — including reprinting rights — made it impossible for us to work out an agreement with Shell. Instead, we insert a long url as a graphic sign and pointer to the Shell text online.

Global Capitalism and the European Expansion: An Introduction to the Economies of the Home  was written in response to an invitation from Marina Griznic for the exhibition catalogue of   Europe: In-Between Documentary and Fiction. Here we tried to anticipate the possibilities of a future project not yet well grounded — the text is, in a sense, intended more as a provocation than as a resolved critical framework.