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BLW (BeLoW) texts

BLW is an artist-activist collective engaged in investigating ways to recover the power of speech in a culture where oral competence is displaced by media forms. Our method began with the memorization and public recitation (re-enactment) of significant recordings in the history of radical media – speeches, interviews and so on. In addition to these “respeaking” workshops and situations, we also developed the public meeting as a form for provoking situation for outspokenness, asking ourselves what shared capacity for imagination and action we can collectively build in order to reshape the conditions of our lives. BLW is Rozalinda Borcila, Sarah Lewison, Julie Wyman.

Below are some links to BLW materials on the web: documentation, process materials etc. The pages of this site(sidebar) collect some of the writings BLW has published, as well as links to writings about BLW.

BLW brief description

Rehearsals   – in AREA Chicago 

I am going to tell you something no one else could tell you who wasn’t there – in Journal of Aesthetics and Protest; see also the link to transcript of Queen Mother Moore’s speech

A Meeting is a Question Between   –  a summary of a durational intervention in Chicago as part of Patogeographies, or Other Peoples Baggage, a project by FeelTank Chicago at the University of Illinois Gallery 400

Make it Stop by Rebecca Zorach in the Journal of Aesthetics and Protest