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Three Lessons in Advance of Prefigurative Listening

Artistic intervention in book form, commissioned by Vector for  Frieze Art Fair, London, 2010 

I have been teaching listening in social centers, free schools and universities. This project repurposes methods from musicology, structural acoustics and acoustic ecology, and leverages them toward a polticized understanding of space. It uses the workshop form; it is intended as a lived, live and living practice. Past iterations include critical geographies of the WTO headquarters in Geneva, the Boeing headquarters in Chicago, the underground rivers and ancient foot trails around Sulfur Springs in Tampa.

“Three Lessons” is an attempt to produce an image/text interrogation of the practice. It draws upon Jérôme Grand’s response to the exercises, as well as his interests in the history of writing and design. To formalize aspects of the practice in page form, we thought of this collaboration as a kind of scribing, which for us raised questions about orality and literacy (the contingent shaping of listening, speaking, reading, writing and remembering), and about the process whereby co-operative, oral and memorized learning becomes enclosed as reading and writing.


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